Adult Literacy

The Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD) is contracted by Kentucky Adult Education (KYAE) to improve teacher quality in adult literacy education through effective professional development and research. CCLD has been providing professional development to KYAE instructors in English/Language Arts since 2002.

    KYAE contracted with CCLD to deliver five major initiatives:
    • CCLD implemented a national adult education professional development model, adapted by KYAE, to assist Kentucky adult educators in creating and delivering standards-based instruction. The implementation, in its second year, assisted educators in translating standards into curriculum. The professional development curriculum provided teachers with tools to work in learning communities in order to identify lead and supporting standards in order to develop units of instruction, create lessons, and conduct lesson studies to evaluate the effectiveness of unit and lesson plans. Participants included 182 program directors and instructors.
    • CCLD created facilitator guides, complete with tools and materials, to assist other states in implementing Common Core Standards professional development. The guides include videos that were developed in partnership with Kentucky Educational Television (KET). They may be accessed on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) LearningMedia website.
    • CCLD developed and implemented an online course focused on creating standards-based lesson plans. Participants were given the opportunity to explore various technology resources in participating in professional development that they may consider using with their students.
    • CCLD developed a technology-resource tool that adult educators may use to identify technology, online resources, and sample activities correlated with each of the Common Core State Standards for English/ Language Arts. These resources may be used to create standards-based lessons using technology.
    • CCLD provided technical assistance, coaching, and training specific to the needs of various adult education programs across the state.