Literacy for All!

Welcome to the 2016 Kentucky Literacy Celebration!

We are celebrating the sixth anniversary this year with the theme “Literacy for All.” As we embark upon a new calendar year, we are planning for another season of Kentucky Literacy Celebration (KLC). Due to a number of mitigating circumstances, the sixth annual KLC endeavors will be conducted in a different format. With the timing of the gubernatorial election and change in governing administration, planning for this year’s event has been a bit different than in previous years.

We are promoting a month long period to engage in KLC-related activities. This will permit entities to use the entire month to plan, share, and implement in the various literacy activities that may be highlighted as a part of KLC. The kickoff will be announced during the state Kentucky Council of Teachers of English/Language Arts conference February 26th & 27th. This year’s theme will be “Literacy for All”. The 2016 KLC period will encompass the Read Across America activities, Dr. Seuss’ birthday celebrations, Kentucky Science for Technology in Education conference, as well as many other events. The culminating event will coincide with the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development’s annual Share Fair on April 2nd in Lexington, with Kentucky’s poet laureate George Ella Lyon.

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The inaugural Kentucky Literacy Celebration (KLC) Week commenced in 2011 with the intent of focusing on Kentucky’s achievements in literacy as well as highlighting challenges we still face as a state. Subsequent years have included greater participation opportunities and outreach. Multiple partners and supporters are pulling together again this year to celebrate Kentucky and literacy.

All of Kentucky's citizens are invited to join by participating in or hosting a literacy-related activity. Schools and educational entities may plan events for their students and staff to highlight literacy. Libraries may spotlight books and authors. Communities and businesses may sponsor an activity that brings awareness to literacy issues and their relevance to workforce, economic, and cultural prosperity. Families may dedicate specific time to read together. Individuals may volunteer to share a book or help with a literacy-related school project. The possibilities are limitless. The goal is to have every Kentucky resident engage in a literacy event, public or private, to emphasize the importance of all aspects of literacy.