CCLD Announces Imagination Library Kentucky Pilot Project

The Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD) is excited to announce its engagement in a very unique early childhood literacy project. Late in 2015, CCLD began to develop and implement a specialized pilot project focused primarily in southeastern Kentucky based on Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. The premise of the Imagination Library is registered children from birth to age 5 receive one age-appropriate book each month in the mail (at no cost at all to the child/family). CCLD’s project enhances the book dissemination platform with videos and resources developed around each book. The key target audiences for which these videos are being developed are the children and their families. Each video includes literacy tips and strategies for families to engage in together as they enjoy each book. Foundational emergent literacy and language development strategies are reinforced through activities that are fun, user-friendly, and critical in the literacy development of a child’s life. The videos are open to the public, with the hope that public librarians, early childcare providers, and preschool-kindergarten educators can also use them as resources in their curriculum.

The videos will be an ongoing pillar of the project. They are easy to access through the CCLD website and The Holler, a social media platform developed, housed, and operated by the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC). The partnership among CCLD, the Imagination Library, KVEC, and the Kentucky Reading Association is working toward the goal of providing books and literacy support to families in the targeted region, with the ultimate desire to expand the project to include all of Kentucky. To date, through the CCLD pilot project, 31,950 books have been disseminated to over 6,000 children in 14 counties.