TitleProfessional Development Resource Guide for Adult Educators
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSherman, R, Kutner, M
Date Published08/1998
KeywordsAdult Education, Professional Development, Research, Teacher Quality

This guide and accompanying supplement seeks to promote ongoing professional development activities suitable for traditional adult education, as well as basic skills instruction in other learning environments by doing the following: (1) broadening the base of professional development approaches; (2) enhancing individual choice of appropriate approaches; and (3) promoting instruction that is effective and accountable. When developing professional development models for adult educators, it is important to keep in mind the following points: (1) professional development has multiple beneficiaries; (2) all professional development activities should be developed as part of a comprehensive plan; (3) there is no single best approach, and adult educators should be able to choose from various approaches; (4) there should be a balance between instructor-determined and program-determined activities; and (5) evaluation must be incorporated as an integral component of all approaches. The guide presents four approaches to professional development, offers suggestions for three different audiences professional development coordinators, instructors, and state and local administrators and makes suggestions for evaluating professional development. Appendices in the guide include sample needs assessment profiles, sample development plans, a description of 10 instructional packets, possible solutions to scenarios, and articles relating to different approaches. The guide includes 85 references. The supplement seeks to further improve instruction, organization, and learner outcomes by focusing on needs assessment and collaboration. Supplement appendices include a regional resource initiative and a guide for developing local interagency linkage teams.