The following resources have been developed by the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development to provide Kentucky's educators, legislators, policymakers, curriculum designers, researchers, and administrators with comprehensive research and decision making tools.

Clearinghouse Search

The legislation responsible for the inception of the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development outlined a number of charges, one particular mandate was that CCLD would research, develop, and maintain a clearinghouse of literacy resources that can be accessed by educators. The clearinghouse includes a search engine whereby users can input keywords to identify resources. CCLD continues to investigate and compile resources to add to the clearinghouse, ensuring continual viability and growth of the clearinghouse.

Annual Reports

Download past annual reports from 2007-2017.

Imagination Library Kentucky Pilot Project

The premise of the Imagination Library is registered children from birth to age 5 receive one age-appropriate book each month in the mail (at no cost at all to the child/family). CCLD’s project enhances the book dissemination platform with videos and resources developed around each book. The key target audiences for which these videos are being developed are the children and their families.

In Their Own Words

Reflections and interviews from literacy researchers and professionals.

Literacy Assessment Evaluation Tools

CCLD has developed a web-based tools that educators can use to help make decisions about commercially-produced literacy assessments.